QRB1 Red High Flame

QRB1 Red High Flame

Model: QRB1/3

Ambient Light: < 5-50 LUX

Brand: Siemens

Application: Flame Detectors

Frequency: 50 Hz

Rated Current: 6 A

Working Temperature: -20 to +60 deg C

Working Humidity: < 93% RH

Sensing Method: senses only yellow flame

Sensor Type: Photo resistor

-Photoresistive flame detectors for use with Landis & Staefa burner controls, for the supervision of oil flames in the visible light spectrum. The flame detectors are used primarily in connection with burner controls for small burners.

-With this type of flame supervision, the radiation of oil flames in the visible light spectrum is used for generating the flame signal.

-The light-sensitive element is a photoresistor.

-When there is no light, the detector′s resistance is in the MΩrange.

-The resistance drops as the intensity of illumination increases (kΩrange).

-In contrast to the selenium photocell of the RAR… detectors, glowing firebrick in the combustion chamber can be detected.


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