DBC 2000

DBC 2000

  • Estimated Lead Time : 8 – 10 weeks.
  • Manufacturer: Honeywell
  • Product no : DBC2000E1018
  • Product type : Digital Burner Controller DBC2000 Series
  • Standard model,230Vac, UV/FR unified, IP40
  • A microprocessor-based integrated burner controller for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel industrial single burner power burner applications.
  • System consists of the relay module and wiring subbase.
  • The Standard Model provides the minimum requirements to control an industrial burner system; the Enhanced Model includes an integrated Valve Proofing System; the Ultimate model includes bus communication on top of this.
  • For all type of burners with unlimited capacity in intermittent operation.
  • An integrated timer assures an automated recycle sequence after ca 24h uninterrupted heat demand.
  • Approvals: CE approved according EN298 for intermittent operation (when used with correct flame sensor).
  • AGA certified
  • GOST Listed
  • Protection class: IP40
  • Ambient temperature: -10…60C
  • Maximum humidity: 90%rh
  • DBC2000 models have two integrated flame amplifiers: UV Power Tube (UV) and Rectification (FR), that are selectable by a jumper at the back of the unit. Default is FR (jumper present). Applicable flame sensors:
  • Flame rod (FR)
  • UV sensor family C7027/35/44 (UV)
  • UV sensor family C7012A/G (FR)
  • IR sensor family IRD820/1020 (FR)
  • Note: Extra features:
  • Integrated 24h auto recycle timer
  • Selectable Pilot or Direct Main Burner Ignition operation.
  • Selectable post-purge (15s) or no-post-purge (0s) operation.
  • Control model: Full
  • Outputs: HF/LF/Modulate
  • Operation: 24h auto-recycle
  • Pilot: Selectable intermittent / interrupted
  • Pilot ignition time: 3s (Pilot only: 5s)
  • Main ignition time: 3s
  • Post purge time: 15/0s
  • Number of ignition attempts: 1
  • Flame failure response time: <1s
  • Flame detector: UV/FR
  • 230Vac versions
  • Prepurge time: 35s
  • Valve proofing system: no
  • Comment: Standard Model
  • Shipping Weight: 3 Kg



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